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Delivering powerful creative advertising & marketing solutions

Creative & Media Strategy

Having a creative strategy and creative plan (also referred to as a media plan) makes good business sense, whether you are a large company, or medium or small business. I like to refer to the creative and media strategy as a creative road map. That strategy and direction to be taken with the creative message. To whom, where, when and how, and what you intend to achieve from the communication strategy, and measuring the results after.

Social Media Marketing

Businesses today know the importance of social media representation with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest to name a few. To grow your business and your customer base social media is a viable source not to be ignored. Understanding the key words your consumers use, improving your results in Search Engine Optimization (SEO),and interacting with your consumers can have a positive impact on your return on investments (ROI) and sales. Social media is another viable arm of communication.

Print & Direct

Print,in any form whether it is a magazine ad, or newspaper ads, business cards, brochures, fliers, postcards are still necessary as a communication tools in this day and age. In an integrative campaign, print can work hand in hand with digital media directing consumers to company webpages, social media sites, demonstration videos on youtube or a product landing page. ​

Web Site Presence

Businesses, organizations and groups can benefit from a website that speaks to its consumers today, reflecting their wants and needs. Yes, product features are important, particularly for a high involvement products, but even more so the emotional benefit. Even parity products see the benefits of creating that emotional attachment between the consumer and the product or service. Today relating stories about your customers and how your product has contributed to making their life easier is most effective.

& Identity

Creating and maintaining a cohesive brand image is integral in representing the right image for your company and product. Without a brand image and complimentary brand essence the communication signals you are sending are mixed and confusing to the customer. It is best to have a tight brand strategy so your message and image is consistent across the board.

Public Relations

Public Relations has changed in the last decade. News agencies, magazine editors, and newspaper editors are no longer the only viable PR channel. Bloggers have become very effective in getting your news out to a captured and specialized audience. ​In addition with social media today news travels fast. It is important to have a presence on sites your consumers frequent, and a handle on what is being said about your company, product, and the competition so you can comment and react well when needed. 

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